Prepare Your Home For Summer: HVAC Edition

Summer is right around the corner and you are excited to get out and enjoy things you haven’t been able to over the past months. But you are also excited to get back indoors and enjoy some cool air. Cool air is really cool But there are things you should keep in mind when it comes to HVAC.

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Inspect your outside condenser;

Visually inspect your outside condenser. Make sure there are no weeds or shrubs surrounding your outside condensor unit. Grab a level and place it on top of the condenser. Make sure the unit is levelled. If it is not levelled your can make the unit level by making simple adjustments. If you do, allow the unit to sit for about 24 hours before turning on your air conditioner.

Inspect your furnace filter;

Change your air filter, as dirty filters can negatively impact your HVAC system and restrict air flow.Clogged filters may also affect your overall health.Additionally, a dirty furnace filter can lead to the freezing of your AC coil.

Change the humidifier pad:


Replace your humidifier pad annually, as they typically lasts for one season.The ideal time to change the humidifier pad is after each heating season.

Get your air ducts cleaned and sanitized;

Schedule a professional air duct cleaning and sanitization to remove accumulated dust and debris, ensuring proper air flow throughout your home.Air duct cleaning will extract as much dust and debris that has been accumulated in your entire duct system as possible.Duct cleaning will ensure sufficient air flow throughout your home.

Get your furnace and AC cleaned and sanitized;

Having your furnace and AC cleaned annually is part of the routine maintenance on your HVAC equipment.Include a yearly furnace and AC cleaning and sanitization as part of your routine HVAC equipment maintenance.

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