What Are The Benefits of Home Air Duct Cleaning?   After a long day at work or just a busy day you look forward to relaxing in the comfort of your home, don’t you? And thanks to air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems in your home the hot or cool fresh air feels like a…

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5 Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier in Your Home; Heat can become unbearable and unpleasant when paired with humidity. During the warm seasons or even the rainy seasons, it is a good idea to have your home dehumidified so that you can create a more comfortable indoor environment. To an extent, your air conditioner can…

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Indoor Air Quality in Cars


Indoor Air Quality in Cars; We often wonder about the indoor air quality in our homes, But has it actually crossed your mind that the air you are breathing in your car could be even more toxic than the air you breath at home? Dust Chasers has done it`s research again! We have done the…

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Why it is a good idea to get your air ducts cleaned in spring;   If you’re one of those folks that ignore air duct cleaning during spring , you’ve got to stay in mind that consequences embody a grimy setting, multiplied nasal congestion and different health problems.

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Why indoor air quality is important;   Many don’t realize just how important indoor air quality is. Instead, they pay more attention to the atmosphere outdoors. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many people never think to get the environment inside their homes inspected by a specialist. Some people believe that taking this course of action…

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How poor indoor air quality could trigger allergies


How poor indoor air quality could trigger allergies; Our good health is a vital and very fragile factor in our lives that we need to look out for at any cost. Without it, we cannot live life to the fullest and our lives will be miserable, gloomy and not happy at all. Having quality sufficient…

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What is the best home made natural air freshener?


What is the best home made natural air freshener? Thanks to our job, We get to meet around 100 different  lovely families in several areas of GTA every month.Sure they are all friendly and welcoming making us feel at home.While they watch our air duct cleaning technicians perform their job, they come up with several…

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5 Super Tips to Get Your Home Winter-Ready


5 Super Easy Tips to Get Your Home Winter-Ready; Happy new year!. At Dust Chasers we hope you had fun as much as we had!. If you live in greater Toronto area you are not immune to blistering cold and harsh weather conditions. Your HVAC system needs to work properly and efficiently to ensure you…

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10 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

10 Super Easy Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality (Most of Them Won`t Cost a Dime!); It is secure to say that you are considering on improving the poor indoor air quality in your dwelling? Do you or any individual from your home have any of the following sensitivity side effects like colds, bothersome skin,…

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Negative Effects of Smoking Cigarettes in Your Home


Negative Effects of Smoking Cigarettes in your Home;   Smoking is a habit that the vast majority discover hard to overcome. For sure, smoking and damage one’s well being are a decision that every smoker makes. Be that as it may, aloof smoking or used smoke influences the well being of others. These individuals must…

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What are Ozone Depleting Substances? Are Ozone Depleting Substances Dangerous?


Ozone Depleting Substances Can  Become Serious Issues; What are ozone depleting substances?As we all know that, the Ozone gas layer exhibit in our environment assumes an exceptionally basic part in all chemicals and natural process in our planet. Ozone filter through the majority of the exceptionally destructive bright beams from the sun and keeps radiation…

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Lead in Paint | Is it harmful?


Lead in Paint is Dangerous; The United States outlawed the use of lead in paints in 1978. Despite mounting evidence on the dangers of Lead-Based Paint, many industrialized, educated countries still use lead in paints. As a natural element, lead does not break down in the environment. Once the lead has been dispersed and redeposited…

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Failure To Clean Your Dryer Vent | Dryer Vent Hazards


Failure to Clean Your Dryer Vent May Put Both Your Home and Work at Risk| Dryer Vent Hazards; Nothing compares to the comforting embrace of a fresh blanket or fresh clothes from a dryer. The sheets will also give you the perfect smell that engulfs your senses as you as you wrap yourself in the…

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What Are Volatile Organic Compounds


What Are Volatile Organic Compounds? Here is What You Need To Know About VOC’s;   What are Volatile Organic Compounds? Volatile Organic Compounds are original mixes known as VOC’s are natural chemicals that are hurtful to both plants and creatures. Despite the fact that they are not lethal, steady presentation to this synthetic sort causes…

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plants to help you purify the indoor air quality at your home

plants to help you purify the indoor air quality at your home

Plants to help you purify the indoor air quality at your home;   In 2016 we often wonder how to improve indoor air quality? There are a few methods that are well known such as air duct cleaning services or HEPA filters.The air inside our homes or office can actually be two to five times…

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Negative Effects on Indoor Air Quality Caused by Pets in a Home


Negative Effects on Indoor Air Quality Caused by Pets in a Home;   A lot of people out there are thinking about pets and indoor air quality. This combination might get you into trouble if you don’t know how to deal with them. Your pet, although lovely and beautiful, can be a source of health…

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What is Radon? | Is Radon Gas in Your Home?


What is Radon? Is Radon Gas in Your Home?; You have probably heard the term “radon” gliding around as of late, in all probability regarding land. Be that as it may, what is radon? Why is it getting so much consideration? And do you truly need to get your home tried for it? Radon is…

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How to combat Indoor Air Pollution | What is Household Air Pollution?

How to combat Indoor Air Pollution | What is Household Air Pollution?;   What is indoor air pollution? What is household air pollution?It is commonly recognized that to achieve safe, comfortable and efficient working conditions inside a building, there needs to be a supply of clean and fresh air. Conversely, the presence of contaminated air…

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Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?


Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?; We decided to dedicate this blog post to answer that question as many people have called our office asking the same question! Air vent duct cleaning refers to services offered by Duct Cleaning Professionals to clean components that supply your home with cool and warm air. This typically…

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Sick Building Syndrome| Sick House Syndrome


Sick Building Syndrome | Sick House Syndrome;   Sick Building Syndrome SBS or Building Related Illness (BRI) refers to situations where people who spend a lot of time in a building begin to experience health and comfort issues, which may be linked to their time spent inside said building. Many cases have simply come down…

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Black Mold in Air Vents;   Black Mold is an accumulation of moist air in the ducts or in the opening of the walls. This problem of mold growing in vents is as a result of change in humid condition of the climate .Moisture plays an important role in promoting the growth and spread of…

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What You Should Know About Filterless Humidifiers:


What You Should Know About Filterless Humidifiers; Humidity is the measure of moisture in the environment. It is a critical element while deciding the nature of air. High and in addition low humidity levels have unfriendly impact on the well-being of a person. Low humidity level is the point at which the air is exceptionally…

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Poor air flow in one room? Inadequate air flow upstairs?


Poor air flow in in one room? Inadequate air flow in one or more rooms upstairs?; As a home owner, you would want your HVAC system to work efficiently, You would want your furnace and air conditioner  ready to pull the trigger when there is a call for heat/cool.But what most homeowners overlook is that…

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