What is Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning refers to removing lint from inside a dryer duct at a commercial property.

Commercial dryer duct cleaning is a very important part of maintaining your dryer machine at your store or commercial space and to keep the commercial dryer running safe and sound. Lint should not be left to build up in the commercial dryer vents.Commercial dryer vent cleaning can avoid a number of problems.

The clothes or towels will no longer properly or thoroughly dry.

It can cause more serious situations such as a fire in your commercial space.

Your commercial dryer machine could break down due to insufficient air flow.

These are obviously problems you would rather avoid when it comes to operating your business safely and efficiently, so you must hire professionals to clean the commercial dryer duct for you.

There are certain tools needed by a commercial dryer vent cleaning company They will utilize an industrial air compressor which would generate up to 350 PSI, they will also be utilizing an industrial vacuum that is capable of producing a suction power of up to a whopping 25,000 CFM, in combination with many other battery powered and air tools.

As a business owner, you must clean out the dryer vent lint trap on daily basis. It is a simple matter of pulling out the lint trap and getting all the lint off. Once this is done, the screen can go back into the commercial dryer machine and you can go about putting in your next load to be dried.Remember this is the first line of defence and it plays a vital role to keep your commercial dryer vent as clean as possible.

Cleaning Your dryer vent's lint trap before each load shouldn’t prevent you 
from getting your commercial dryer vent cleaned professionally.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning


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Everything You Need To Know!

Commercial dryer vent cleaning refers to cleaning the dryer hose attached to a commercial dryer machine.Failing to keep up with maintenance and cleaning of a commercial dryer duct could result in fire and serious injuries.Establishments utilizing their dryer machines commercially often refers to; gyms, hair salons, laundromat and barber shops.Having your commercial dryer hose cleaned professionally is a business expense and it is best to choose a dedicated dryer vent cleaning contractor to get to your needs.Commercial dryer duct cleaning will ensure you can operate your business smoothly and will prevent interruptions at your place of business.

Commercial dryer vent cleaning sometimes is also
 referred to as industrial dryer vent cleaning.

How To Perform

Industrial Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Commercial dryer vent cleaning requires negative air flow working in combination with scrubbers to remove lint and other materials from within the dryer duct.The most effective yet powerful scrubbers to clean a commercial dryer vent are the ones that utilize air in order to operate.AKA "Air Tools". While every commercial business is unique to it’s own, a professional commercial dryer vent cleaning service requires using a combination of scrubbers and vacuums.

Be aware of "dryer vent cleaning companies" using an add
 on brush to a drill, or the ones utilizing a leaf blower!
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How Often Do You Need

Commercial Dryer Duct Cleaning?

Commercial dryer duct cleaning is completely different than residential dryer vent cleaning.Commercial dwellings like gyms, barber shops and hair salons, tend to use their commercial clothes dryer on day to day basis, the frequency of cleaning your commercial dryer duct will be determined by a few factors:

The length of commercial dryer duct.

How often the commercial dryer machine is being used.

What type of material the commercial dryer vent is made out of.

Our technicians will assess your dryer vent and make 
recommendations on your next appointment.

How Long Does It Take To Perform

Industrial Dryer Duct Cleaning

Commercial dryer vent cleaning could take anywhere between 60 to 180 minutes depending on the circumstances.The placement of your dryer machine and the overall layout of the commercial dryer vent as well as how clogged the dryer duct is, would determine the approximate length of your dryer vent cleaning appointment.

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Who To Hire For Your

Commercial Dryer Hose Cleaning in Toronto

If you are in the market to hire a commercial dryer duct cleaning company in Toronto, Make sure they are licensed, Ask them how long they have been around and find out how many commercial dryer vent cleaning projects they have performed, visit their social media.

Commercial dryer vent cleaning is a business expense that

will prevent fires at your place of business.

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