Commercial Duct Cleaning

Commercial duct cleaning consists of cleaning and sanitizing the entire air duct system at a commercial or industrial space.Commercial air duct cleaning refers to cleaning an entire air duct system at variety of establishments such as but not limited to restaurants, factories, stores and ETC.

Commercial air duct cleaning is almost the same as the residential air duct cleaning.It is the same method but usually in a much bigger space.Commercial air duct cleaning could also be referred to as industrial air duct cleaning.When it comes to commercial air duct cleaning, the said space might be utilizing furnaces or rooftop units.If a commercial space is utilizing a furnace or furnaces, the heating machines are usually in the basement or on the main floor.If a commercial space is utilizing rooftop or rooftops, the said units are always placed on the roof as the name suggests.When it comes to commercial air duct cleaning, sometimes we use truck mounted equipment, on the other hand when it comes to commercial air duct cleaning services, sometimes we use portable equipment, for example if we are cleaning air ducts at a shoe store inside a mall, using portable air duct cleaning equipment would be the only way to perform commercial air duct cleaning.Commercial air duct cleaning consists of utilizing truck mounted or portable vacuums, truck mounted or portable compressors, different size of ladders, sky lifts, and many different air tools depending on the circumstances.

Commercial Duct Cleaning, is it necessary?

Commercial air duct cleaning is a necessity to ensure your employees breathe clean air while they’re at their work place.Whether your employees are working in an office space or in an industrial setting such as a factory, Dust Chasers utilizes all the tools necessary to improve indoor air quality at your establishment.Commercial air duct cleaning not only will improve indoor air quality, but it will also ensure your commercial HVAC equipment are running free of dust and debris and more importantly they’re running efficiently saving you money on avoiding unnecessary repairs and to help improve your hydro bills.Industrial air duct cleaning can also help you control humidity levels inside your establishment.

Is there a difference between commercial air ducts and residential air ducts?

Depending on the commercial space you are using, Sometimes the air duct system is identical to a residential or condominium air ducts.Some times air ducts in a commercial space are much different than residential.We are referring to the round ducts that are hung from the ceiling, the diameter could vary from 12 inches to 22 inches depending on the design by the HVAC engineers.

Commercial Duct Cleaning, How often?

Commercial air duct cleaning is a tax expense for your business.Not only this would reward your employees with healthy fresh air to breathe, but your HVAC equipment will also thank you! Think of it as changing oil in your car.Commercial HVAC equipment run up to 10 hours per day,If you were driving your car for 10 hours a day, wouldn’t you want to get your car cleaned at least once a year?.Commercial air duct cleaning is recommended to be performed once every six months to once a year depending on the type of business you are performing.

Commercial Duct Cleaning,Who to hire?

If you are in the market for industrial air duct cleaning services, You have got to keep in mind that although they are kind of similar to residential air duct cleaning, but there are also big differences.Commercial air duct cleaning services usually require more powerful duct cleaning equipment in combination with more sophisticated commercial air duct cleaning tools.Make sure the industrial air duct cleaning company you are hiring is licensed, ask them if their technicians hold a valid G2 Gas licensed issued by TSSA.The other think you want to look out for when it comes to industrial air duct cleaning is to take a look at their resume,Ask them how many commercial air duct cleaning projects they have performed, make sure to ask them for an on-site estimate before signing a commercial air duct cleaning contract.Ask them if the estimate is guaranteed, no one likes surprises when it comes to industrial air duct cleaning.

 Commercial Air Duct Cleaning, How to prepare?

The best day to get commercial air duct cleaning performed at your establishment is on a day that perhaps your business is closed, it is not ideal to perform industrial air duct cleaning when there are employees and customers around.Commercial air duct cleaning is noisy and it could disturb your business.If you have computers directly under the commercial air duct system it is best to remove them or cover them.Have a brand new air filter handy, the commercial air duct cleaning technicians will sanitize and install your new HVAC air filter upon completion of the commercial air duct cleaning at your establishment.When we book you a free on-site estimate for your industrial air duct cleaning project, our technicians will measure and determine the height of the ceiling specially if there are rooftop units.Depending on the height of the ceiling, we might use ladders, in some cases where the height of ceiling is higher than a certain amount, we will have to utilize scissor lifts, utilizing scissor lifts will ensure a much better industrial air duct cleaning performance as well as sufficient  safety protocols  to perform industrial air duct cleaning.

Is commercial air duct cleaning dusty?

Commercial air duct cleaning could be a dusty process and there is a good reason for that, Before we start cleaning your commercial air duct system, we will be taping off every single heating outlet, this would prevent dust and debris from flying around in your establishment, but what you have got to realize is that your commercial air duct system is not sealed, meaning there is still a good chance for dust and debris to escape through all the big and small incisions throughout your commercial or industrial air duct system.In the event of dust and debris flying around in your business while we are performing commercial air duct cleaning, our technicians will vacuum and wipe the entire said space making sure they leave no mess behind.

Is there a discount for an existing clients when it comes to commercial air duct cleaning?

Since industrial air duct cleaning is a recurring service, At Dust Chasers we have placed a 10% discount on your second visit.Depending on your type of establishment, It is recommended to get your commercial air duct cleaned once every six months to once a year, This will be determined by our commercial air duct cleaning technicians once they have throughly cleaned your entire commercial air duct system,Hire us the second time and receive 10% discount as an existing commercial air duct cleaning client! Please note that we do not offer a binding contract meaning that 10% discount will be applied if you choose to hire our commercial air duct cleaning services again.

How do I book a commercial air duct cleaning service?

Once you call us, we will book you for a free on-site estimate, Once we visit your establishment, We will gather all the data necessary to prepare a guaranteed quote.We will then email you a quote, that email will contain all the necessary information about how long commercial air duct cleaning will take, How many people will be working on your industrial air duct cleaning project, what the process will be, and how exactly we will go about cleaning your commercial duct system.We can also accommodate Sunday and night appointments to suit your commercial air duct cleaning needs.

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