What Are The Benefits of Home Air Duct Cleaning?


After a long day at work or just a busy day you look forward to relaxing in the comfort of your home, don’t you? And thanks to air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems in your home the hot or cool fresh air feels like a slice of heaven, doesn’t it? Well, that heated or cooled air doesn’t reach you by chance; it travels through pathways known as air ducts.

Just like most systems, an HVAC system also requires servicing from time to time and this can be done through the air duct cleaning. Home Air duct cleaning can simply be defined as the process of getting rid of dust, dirt or any other impurities that accumulate and could even clog your system’s air ducts causing it to malfunction.There are quite a few benefits of home air duct cleaning which we will discuss in this article.

Other than preventing a system breakdown, there are other benefits of air duct cleaning which include:

Benefits-Of-Home-Air-Duct-Cleaning1. General cleanliness

The dust and dirt that would have otherwise traveled around your home settling on your furniture, floors, bedding ETC are significantly reduced during this process. This also translates to fewer efforts in cleaning your home as there’s less dust going around.This is one of the benefits of having air ducts cleaned.

Home-Air-Duct-Cleaning-Benefits2. Control the levels of allergens and irritants

Dirty air ducts often contain microorganisms such as bacteria, pollen, mold, spores etc. which could be continually circulating in the air around your home negatively affecting anyone with allergies, asthma or other breathing problems. Air duct cleaning, however, reduces them such allergens and irritants.

10-Benefits-Of-Home-Air-Duct-Cleaning3. Enhances proper breathing

If the air in your home is dirty, you don’t have to have allergies or respiratory complications for your breathing to be affected.It is good to know that most people are not aware of sick building syndrome.These air pollutants interfere with your normal breathing and could cause you to sneeze, catch a cold, sinus ETC. Air duct cleaning will rid you and your family of such cases by circulating clean air.

Home-Duct-Cleaning-Benefits4. Energy saving

Even with the use of filters, impurities or if you rather contaminants make their way to the HVAC system straining its performance thus shortening its life span as it quickly gets worn out. However, when the system is clean it operates smoothly.

5. Cost effective

When the HVAC system is clean less energy is used to run it which translates to a reduction in heating and cooling costs.

10-Benefits-Of-Getting-Your-Home-Air-Ducts-Cleaned6. Longer equipment lifespan

When dust and airborne particles accumulate in the HVAC system, it reduces the cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) extensively causing cracks in the heat exchangers. Cleaning the air ducts prevents a system failure and ensures your HVAC system equipment lasts longer.

What-Are-The-Benefits-Of-Getting-Your-Home-Air-Ducts-Cleaned7. Removes bad smells and odors

Various trapped smells such as paints, cigarettes, household detergents etc. keep circulating in your home through the air ducts but can be gotten rid of cleaning the air ducts allowing for fresh air to be in motion.

Will-I-Benefit-From-Home-Air-Duct-Cleaning8. Enhances air flow

Clean air ducts result in an easier uninterrupted flow of heated or cooled air.A lot of home owners complain about poor air flow in one room, There could be a blockage in one of the branches, This will result in cold rooms during the winter and warm rooms during the summer.

Benefits-Of-Home-Air-Duct-Cleaning-in-Toronto9. After any renovations, emergencies or accidents

These may include molds, fires, floods, pest infestation among others. Cleaning the air ducts will help hinder more damage to the air ducts and ensure they are circulating unpolluted air.During renovation and construction, there will be all kinds of different types of construction debris getting into the heating vents.Therefore it is absolutely necessary to get the air ducts cleaned before you occupy your new home.

How-Could-You-Benefit-From-Home-Air-Duct-Cleaning10. Allows continued efficiency in your household activities

Bad smells, allergies, too much heat, too much cold etc. leads to less energy, psyche and postponed chores causing chaos in a home. This can be prevented by cleaning the air ducts and ensuring the HVAC system is working properly and everybody breathes in clean air and the environment has desired temperatures to perform house chores.

Now, having read all the above, why would you keep delaying cleaning your air ducts? Make your home more homely by ensuring only fresh air is in circulation.

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