5 Super Tips to Get Your Home Winter-Ready

5 Super Easy Tips to Get Your Home Winter-Ready;

5-super-easy-tips-to-get-your-home-winter-ready-2Happy new year!. At Dust Chasers we hope you had fun as much as we had!. If you live in greater Toronto area you are not immune to blistering cold and harsh weather conditions. Your HVAC system needs to work properly and efficiently to ensure you and your family could enjoy a warm-pleasant temperatures inside.In this article we will discuss 5 super easy tips to make sure you are not left behind in the cold!. We will also discuss a few safety tips because as we all know safety is always first.So let`s get started with safety:

1.Check the battery in your CO detector:

how-to-get-your-home-winter-readyA Carbon Monoxide Detector is crucial for any home.The most important reason for installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector in your home is that your furnace is a gas-fired appliance, Carbon monoxide is produced when a hydrocarbon fuel is not combusted completely, In that case the CO Detector will alarm you and your family so you could rectify the problem. Be sure to call-in professionals as this task (unlike installing a CO Detector) is NOT a DYI.Be sure to check the battery and test your device every 6 months. January is the beginning of the new year so it is a good place to start!.It is best to install Carbon Monoxide Detectors in every floor in your home!


2.Check the battery in your Smoke Detector:

5-super-easy-tips-to-get-your-home-winter-ready-in-toronto-canadaAs we all have heard “Smoke Detectors Save Lives!”. These disk shapes devices are designed to detect smoke.There could be different sources of smoke such as a pizza in oven or smoke generated by your furnace.It is highly recommended to install a smoke detector in each and every floor of your residence.Be sure to check the battery inside the smoke detector every 6 months and also test the device to make sure it is working properly!.



3.Check the furnace filter:

get-your-home-winter-readyFurnaces play a very important role in a home.Contrary to popular belief, Most people tend to think that a furnace only comes to work during the winter time.This could not be any further from the truth.

When the Air Conditioner is in operation, the blower motor at the bottom of furnace will have to work constantly to create the air passing the AC Coil.Blower motor is also responsible to create air when you leave the thermostat on ON position.

4.Check the humidifier pad:

get-your-home-ready-for-winterHumidifier pads are the heart of a humidifier, They are inexpensive yet they play an essential role as a part of HVAC system.The antimicrobial coating on the humidifier pads get washed away after 1 heating season.Keep in mind that the humidifier only works when the furnace is in operation.If the antimicrobial coating gets washed away, Humidifier pad will be an excellent place for bacteria to grow.This will deteriorate the indoor air quality and might cause Sick Building Syndrome.

5.Get your indoor air quality tested:

Sick-Building-Syndrome-4It is essential to know that indoor air quality could be up to 5 times more polluted than the outdoor air, Having said that, People spend most of their time in their homes.If the indoor air quality of your residence is not up to standards, It could lead to many serious issues,Such as Sick Building Syndrome, Excessive dust flying around your home, Elevated levels of allergies, Growth of Mold and many other harmful events.

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