Duct Cleaning Cost varies in Ontario.In this article we will discus how much it really costs to get your air ducts cleaned if you live in Ontario-Canada.Before we get to it, We will have to inform you that the information in this article about the cost of duct cleaning applies to majority of residential air duct cleaning- commercial air duct cleaning and condominium air duct cleanings.However there are always exceptions when it comes to duct cleaning cost.

When it comes to duct cleaning cost in Ontario, you will have the option of hiring two different kinds of air duct cleaning companies,


Duct Cleaning Cost for a Licensed Air Duct Cleaning Company in Ontario


Yes you read that right! Duct cleaning cost for a "Licensed" air duct cleaning company! You might be thinking;

Is there a license for cleaning air ducts?

How are some air duct cleaning companies in Ontario are still operating without a valid license?

To answer the first question, YES there is a license to clean air ducts.It is issued by TSSA (Technical Safety and Standards Authority).In order for an individual to obtain this license, they will have to attend a college, for instance at Seneca it takes 2 years for an individual to obtain this license.

Labor costs;

Of course if an air duct cleaning company is sending you a licensed technician, They will have to spend significantly more on labor costs.This is why there is always a gap when it comes to duct cleaning prices in Ontario.Hiring an experienced IAQS (Indoor Air Quality Specialist) will ensure you receive an exceptional air duct cleaning service which extract the most amount of debris possible.XXXX

Initial investment;

The price of an air duct cleaning truck could start from $300,000 CDN and go as low as $50,000.

The additional tools needed for a professional air duct cleaning service aside from a truck could be upwards of $30,000 depending on the air duct cleaning methods they deploy.


Running costs;

An average air duct cleaning truck weighs more than 6500 LBS (More than 3000 KG),the odds aren’t exactly in your favour  when it comes to fuel consumption.30 Litres per 100 KM isn’t far fetched! For example if you live in Brampton and hire an air duct cleaning company from Scarborough, Expect them to dish out around $100 on fuel and material.So is it really possible to perform an air duct cleaning service for $99?

How are unlicensed air duct cleaning companies allowed to operate?

Dust Chasers has been very vocal regarding this issue in the past couple of years, We would expect government officials for a serious crack down on unlicensed air duct cleaning companies.Enforcement not only will weed out unlicensed companies but it will also encourage a more reputable industry.

What are the questions to ask?