Duct Cleaning Cost in Toronto


Air Duct Cleaning Cost, How Much Does it Really Cost to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

How much does air duct cleaning cost?.Is air duct cleaning even worth it?.In 2005 air duct cleaning industry was estimated to be a 5 Billion dollar industry.In 2016, Air Duct Cleaning Services has become a necessity for residential homes as well as condominiums and commercial spaces, Whether you live in a house, A condominium or a town-home, You want to make sure that the indoor air quality is as great as it could possibly be, Poor indoor air quality could be the cause of numerous indoor air quality illnesses such as Sick Building Syndrome AKA SBS.Air Duct Cleaning not only will improve indoor air quality, But it will also ensure all your HVAC equipment are running smoothly.No one would like to wake up in the middle of the night finding out their furnace has stopped working, in most cases furnace breakdowns could be avoided by simply performing preventative maintenance.Since 2005, There has been a tremendous demand for air duct cleaning services in greater Toronto area, Torontonians have become more aware about poor indoor air quality hazards, Therefor they tend to hire quality air duct cleaning services,Have you ever heard of a term "More Demand Equals More Supply" ?. That is exactly the situation with air duct cleaning contractors.At this moment there are well over 100 air duct cleaning companies in Ontario alone!

Duct Cleaning Cost, What is The Price Range on Low-End?

Just like many other businesses, The duct cleaning cost will vary between heating vent cleaning companies in Ontario-Canada.Reportedly there are companies who charge you $99 (Which is a red flag and you should STAY AWAY from these kind of fly-by-night companies), If an air duct cleaning company claims to clean your air ducts for that low of a price, It is most probably a scam which originated from the United States and now Canadians are suffering from it.Unless they are a NON-PROFIT it is not financially possible to perform and air duct cleaning service at that price!

Duct Cleaning Cost, What is The Price Range on High-End?

There are a few air duct cleaning contractors that charge lump sum of cash for their services, These contractors will charge anywhere from $400 to $600 for a medium sized home (Up to 2000 Sq Ft). These are reputable air duct cleaning companies that have been established, they mostly have returning customers hence the price.This does not mean that they utilize the most sophisticated duct cleaning tools, It is just that they have been in this business for a substantial period of time.Even though hiring these contractors sound a bit pricey, but at least you are certain you won`t get scammed.

Duct Cleaning Cost, The Fair Price to clean your duct work

As a home owner, You should always do your homework before hiring a contractor and hiring an air duct cleaning company should be no different.According to the authorities in Ontario, If an air duct cleaning company is claiming to clean your duct work for less than $300 (this price applies to 99% of homes), that is a red flag right there, unless they are a NON-PROFIT.So always keep that in mind,For houses up to 2,000 sq ft that would a fair price.If your home is larger than 2,000 sq ft then you should expect to pay more as the duct cleaning cost will increase as the job will be more time consuming.If you are in the market to get your air ducts cleaned always keep in mind that good service is not cheap and cheap service is not good.Most homes could benefit from air duct cleaning services every 1 to 3 years so once you break down the price it won`t be as expensive as it seems.Poor indoor air quality is the root of many health issues and should not be left behind.