Dryer vent installation is the process of installing a brand new dryer vent.A typical dryer vent has a shelf life of about 8 to 10 years.A visual inspection of your dryer vent would determine whether your dryer vent is in need of repair or complete removal and install.Dryer vent installation  could be performed in residential,commercial and condominiums.Dryer vents create a pathway for lint to travel form the dryer machine all the way to outdoors.It is crucial to purchase the correct dryer machine so it would suit your needs.Some dryers are limited when it comes to the length of dryer vent, Keep in mind that dryer vents are normally longer than they appear in most cases, every elbow is equivalent to 3-5 feet, meaning if the entire length of dryer vent is 15 feet and there are 2 elbows, you are looking at 21 to 25 feet worth of dryer vent.Before you purchase your new dryer machine you should always refer to the manual, find the "dryer vent requirement" section and make sure the clothes dryer you are about to purchase will in fact work properly.When it comes to dryer vent installation you have 2 choices, you can install a flexible dryer vent or you can install a rigid dryer vent.There are pros and cons to both materials.

Pros of installing a rigid dryer vent:

Rigid dryer vent installation will ensure that your dryer vent will last a long time as it does not kink.Rigid dryer vents are easier when it comes to:

Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

Condominium Dryer Vent Cleaning

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning


Cons of installing a rigid dryer vent:

Installing a rigid dryer vent is more expensive on material and on installation as it is more time consuming to install a rigid dryer vent.Rigid dryer vents are not flexible so you will not be able to move the dryer machine.Pulling you dryer machine could easily break your rigid dryer vent pipe.


Pros of flexible dryer vent installation:

As the name suggests, flexible dryer vent installation will allow you to move the dryer machine freely, installing a flexible dryer vent is fast therefore you will save some money on labour costs.Flexible dryer vents are also cheaper than rigid dryer vents when it comes to material.


Cons of flexible dryer vent installation:

flexible dryer vents will not last as long as rigid dryer vents.They are prone to ripping.

If you are a home owner and are looking to install a brand new dryer vent or remove the existing dryer vent and install a new one, you will be able to do this task with minimal tools.There are a few things to consider:

If you are installing a brand new dryer vent.You will need to create an outside hole with a 4 inch diameter.All dryer vents are round and the circumference is 4 inches.You should also keep in mind to NEVER use screws to secure the dryer vent pipe to an elbow.You may only use aluminium tape.Once you are done with your dryer vent installation, you will also need to purchase an outside cover.You have 2 options when it comes to outside covers.You can purchase plastic covers which are cheaper.They will only last for a few years, During the winter months,The cold air from outside, and the hot air blowing from the dryer machine will cause the plastic cover to deteriorate.You also have the option of purchasing an aluminium dryer vent cover which is obviously more expensive but it will last you for ever!


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